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Why stay with us at Margarita Tropical Villa ?

We are sure that as you surf the Internet looking for that perfect place for your vacation
you will be overwhelmed with information and details. How to make that decision?
We will try and show you some of the advantages of staying with us.
Not all these things will be important to everyone however it could be the deciding factor in your decision.


We are centrally located close to the beach, the restaurants, laundromats, tour offices, etc.
and everything important in Playa El Agua. If you are looking at any other place make sure you
determine exactly how far they are from the beach and other services.
You can see exactly where our property is on the Google Earth Playa El Agua map
http://www.casatrudel.com/playa-el-agua-map.htm .


You will find our prices to be a tremendous value for what we offer you compared to other places.
With special pricing all year round at Margarita Tropical Villa we have the prices to suit all budgets from singles to families.
There are no hidden additional charges such as cleaning charges at the end of your stay
or unexpected "service charges" in addition to our rates.
Our published rates are per room not per person.


With bank locations in four different countries we will make it easy for you to send us
the deposit or payment. We are on-line with the banks and will be able to confirm receipt quickly.
Need advice on exchange while in Margarita, just ask us.
Need help with arranging flights within Venezuela, just ask us.

Want to pay by credit card?
We have an account with PayPal, an eBay company with more than
260 million members worldwide, that accepts credit card payments.
There is no charge for this service.
For more information see http://www.casatrudel.com/paypal.htm .



We can answer your questions in English or Spanish. No need to struggle with a local caretaker who only knows Spanish.
If you have a problem or just a question about Margarita we are there to help you.
If you do not speak Spanish be sure to identify this with wherever you decide to stay.
While we cater to independent travelers we are always willing to spend some time assisting you.


During 2004, 2006, 2008 & 2011 we invested in additional security at our location.
These improvements were made to eliminate the possibility of entry into the property by people who shouldn't be there.
These steps that we have taken will ensure that you have a tranquil and safe vacation.

While it may not suit everyone we would remind you that our property is restricted
to entry by registered guests only.
We have taken this step as a security measure to prevent undesirables being
brought onto the property by unsuspecting guests.
Most hotels in the Playa El Agua area now have this restriction in place - please honor it.


Planning on doing some scuba diving or snorkeling while you are here.
Have you always wanted to take a PADI  International "Open Water" scuba course.
Or maybe it's horseback riding out in the wilds of Macanao that you prefer.
Or plan on playing some golf at the course just 10 minutes away from us.
Want to spend a day with a Margariteño fisherman and his English speaking guide?
We can help you arrange all these activities with reliable people and companies
that we have been dealing with for some time.
For full details visit our activities page at
www.casatrudel.com/MargaritaIslandActivities.htm .


Ever written an e-mail to someplace and then waited for days to get a response.
You will not find that happening with us.
As long as our Internet connection is up and running (about 98% of the time)
we will be back to you in a very short time - usually within 3 hours during daytime hours.
If your e-mail arrives at night we may not answer it until the next morning.

IMPORTANT:  If you haven't received an answer within 12 hours then please send it again.
We receive many emails a day, mostly spam and viruses, and it's always possible we could miss one.
One way to be sure that we find it is to put something in the subject line of your request
like "Margarita Island",  "Reservation" "Scuba", etc. so we will be sure to see it.

Dan & Kira O'Brien

Finally, We are the best reason to join us here on Margarita Island for your vacation.
Dan is originally from the Toronto area in Canada and has lived on the Island for more than 28 years.
Kira is originally from Caracas and has lived in Margarita for more than 14 years.
We are both happy to provide our combined experience in making you vacation relaxing & enjoyable.

If you are thinking of living or working here then have a look at the page
I have created about that at http://www.casatrudel.com/living.htm .
You will find the answers to most of your questions.

Contact: Dan & Kira O'Brien, Playa El Agua, MARGARITA ISLAND, Venezuela,

If you use HOTMAIL - YAHOO - GMAIL - ETC. you will need to "COPY & PASTE"
our email directly into your own email account.

E-Mail: margarita.island@gmail.com

For RESERVATIONS please provide
Para su reservacion necesitamos
nombres completos, pais, numero de personas y fechas.

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