Margarita Tropical Villa Pool
Margarita Tropical Villa bed and breakfast (posada), Playa el Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela
Bed & breakfast in Playa El Agua. 6 rooms with king size beds, A/C, pool, fridges,
DirecTV, free Internet & breakfast
From US$33 double - See for info!

Pool Side Room

Isla Margarita or Margarita Island


Caracas, Venezuela airport information, Caracas airport hotels
(Maquetia) airport please see our Caracas, Venezuela information page.

How far is Playa El Agua from the Airport?

It's about a 40 minute drive by taxi and costs around US$10 (more at night or on holidays).
To see a list of taxi prices & rates for Margarita Island.

What is the current Venezuelan exchange rate?

New DICOM official rate for tourists with US$ cash, traveler's cheques or credit cards
= approx. BsS.22.187 to US$1 (September 2, 2019).

Tourists can now freely exchange cash or traveler's cheques at exchange houses as well as use credit cards for this new rate.
The street rate is MUCH higher.

For information in English on the Venezuelan currency conversion that changed on January 1, 2008
please see . This removed three zeroes from all our currency.

As of Feb. 12, 2015 tourists can freely exchange US$ at exchange houses for the new DICOM rate.

Please do not be trapped into changing all your money at the Caracas airport by so called "helpers".
There is currently no law that requires you to change all US$ when you enter the country.
Once you change US$ cash into Bolivars you will be able to buy back US$
up to 25% of the total amount you exchanged while in the country.

Be sure to keep your receipts

How do I get to Margarita Island?

Important note for flights to Margarita from Caracas:
Do not buy national airline tickets from on-line vendors like Expedia, etc. (Caracas - Margarita for example).
You will pay much more than you can arrange for them through a local travel agency.
We recommend our friends at Magic Tours here in Playa El Agua who can arrange them for you.
See their information here:

Canadians: -
Caribbean Airlines - Toronto - Trinidad - Porlamar / CCS
Early morning flight to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale & then Avior to Barcelona / Porlamar from Miami or Albatros from Ft. Lauderdale to Caracas.

Americans: Direct flights to Caracas from Houston, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami.

Europeans: Direct flights to Caracas on Air France, KLM, BA, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Iberia and others.

The alternative is to book a regular flight to Caracas and then, from there, to Isla Margarita (Porlamar) on one of the many daily 35 minute shuttle flights.
The distance by air from Caracas to Margarita Island (Porlamar) is about 215 miles or 344 km. 
For international flights check out a site like Orbitz. , Expedia or Travelocity .

For flights inside Venezuela check out this list of airlines that fly from CCS to Porlamar (PMV)

Laser - (58) 212-2020100 -

Aeropostal - (58) 212-952-9566, 58) 800-284-6637 -

Conviasa - (58) 212-507-8820 - or

Aserca - (58) 800-648-8356, International call 58-212-953-3004 -

Venezolana    (58) 501-836-396-5262

Avior (58) 281-287-2080  Miami - (1) 305-470-2203
(Conviasa also has flights from Trinidad and Grenada) There are others.

Albatros - Ft. Lauderdale to Caracas & then contact Magic Tours for your national flight.

Avior Airlines now has 2 flights from Miami:
To Barcelona (Puerto La Cruz) on the Venezuela mainland
with same day connections to Margarita Island both ways.

Website is in Spanish however you can also call them at (Ven 58) 281-500-3646

or call them direct in Miami at 305-470-2203

For a complete list of both national and international airlines using the Caracas Airport please go to  .
This site is in Spanish however it has a wealth of information.

Flights from Margarita to Los Roques and Canaima (Angel Falls).

We get many requests for information about trips to and from Los Roques. A local travel agent, Magic Tours, has information at .
For Angel Falls (Canaima) information see .

How do I find out about the Ferry - Conferry - from Puerto La Cruz?

Conferry that owns one of the ferry lines has a web site in Spanish at . There is another ferry service called Gran Cacique that has their own web site. What we have done is create an extra page to reduce the number of e-mails that we receive about ferry schedules. Please click here for Conferry schedules for the Margarita Island ferry, Puerto la Cruz ferry, Cumaná ferry and the Caracas ferry .  Please do not e-mail us about ferry schedules and prices.

What's the weather like on Margarita Island?

Please click here for a separate page on weather conditions on Margarita Island.

When is winter on Margarita Island?

We are located 11ºN of the equator so we are in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is just like the USA or Europe. (By the way, what is winter?)

Are casual clothes accepted everywhere?


What is the electric current in Venezuela?

We are the same here as North America - 110/120 volts - and use standard North American plugs.
If you are coming with appliances from countries that use 220 volts you will need a converter.

What do things cost?

Most things on Margarita Island are reasonably priced because we are part of the larger country of Venezuela, unlike the other islands of the Caribbean.
Margarita is also a "DUTY FREE ZONE" so some things with traditionally high taxes are very low priced.
As an example a case of 36 Polar beers in returnable bottles costs around US$9.00 and a 750 ml. bottle of Cacique rum costs $6.00 or less.
Together with a 2 liter bottle of Coke at $1.80 and a large bag of ice for $1.00 you could have a quite a party for $25.
Other things like cheese is about $6.40 a kilo ($3.00 lb.) while ham is also about $6.50 per kilo.
A main course of fresh fish at one of the beach restaurants is around $10 - $12 per person while meat, chicken & pasta tends to be a little less.
There is also take-out. Just down the street from Margarita Tropical Villa is a great place that has, among other things, PIZZA for about $8.00.
You can also visit our moving to or working on Isla Margarita page to see more detailed information.

The local supermarket is called "Bodegon Johnny" and is a short walk from Trudel's Garden.
Click here to see photos of the inside.

What can we do at night?

Around Playa El Agua there are a number of the beach restaurant / bars that have music & dancing at night. 
If you want to venture out to Porlamar, which is about a 30 minute drive, you can find CASINOS, DISCOS, MOVIE THEATRES and many additional RESTAURANTS & CLUBS.

What about last minute trips?

If you are coming last minute just e-mail us letting us know when you are arriving.
We will let you know that same day if we have availability.
We do not accept reservations of under 3 nights in low season or 5 nights in high season.

We will accept arrivals at the door without prepayment however we can not guarantee someone will be here to receive you -
only if you guarantee your reservation by making a payment. We also will NOT accept unpaid walk-ins after 9 PM at night.


How do I make deposits? 

We accept payments at banks in 
Canada & Venezuela 

We accept credit card payments through

An eBay company with 260 million member accounts worldwide.
For further info just click here.


What are our deposit & reservation requirements?

In order to receive the special low rate we are offering you must pay your stay in full.

What is our reservation cancellation policy?

Cancellation 30 days or more before arrival:
If you paid in full - 50% credit less 10% of the TOTAL reservation cost towards a future visit within 1 year.

Cancellation for any reason 30 days or less before arrival:
No Refund.

Christmas / New Year's (Dec. 20 - Jan. 10):
If you paid in full - 50% credit less 10% of the TOTAL reservation cost towards a future visit within 1 year.
Cancellation for any reason 30 days or under - no refund.

What about security?

For your protection and the protection of our other guests Margarita Tropical Villa (Casa Trudel) is restricted to registered guests only.
We would ask that all guests honour this restriction. If you do not you will be evicted and there will be no refunds.

For the safety and comfort of our guests we have invested a large sum on additional security at our property.
Normal tourist activity like walking to the beach and traveling the Island is perfectly safe.

Our property is now among the most secure on the Island.

Rent-A Car information.

Please visit our Margarita Island Rental Car information page.

What about golf?

Isla Margarita Golf Course is located about 10 minutes by car from our properties.  Click here to see more information.

What about Scuba Diving & Snorkeling?

We now have an excellent PADI diving school associated with us to provide scuba and snorkeling tours as well as PADI dive courses. Visit our special scuba diving & snorkeling page

What about offshore deep sea fishing?

Enjoy a day in a typical Margarita Island fishing boat, a peñero, with an English speaking guide.
The fishing will take place near the offshore islands of Los Frailes where there are thousands of sea birds
and perhaps the chance to spot a whale or dolphins.
Everything is included - transportation, food and refreshment and tackle.
Visit our deep sea fishing page for full information.

What else is there to do?

There is a super new water park near Playa Parguito / Playa El Agua called Parque El Agua full of toboggan rides
and other water related activities. Cost $10 per day with small children at half price.
Diverland is located just outside Porlamar and has various rides including a Ferris wheel and roller coaster. They also have dolphins and seals.
There are also numerous tours available to Los Roques National Marine Park, Canaima (Angel Falls),
Los Frailes (Islands off the north shore of the Island), jungle tours, round the island tours and many others.
You can also spend the day with Scuba, snorkeling, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, sail boat tours, catamaran drinking tours, hiking, bird watching, etc., etc.

How can I access my E-Mails and Internet or make telephone calls?

Margarita Tropical Villa has FREE high speed Wi-Fi service on our upstairs patio for those of you that can't leave their laptop at home.

We can also receive emails or telephone messages for you and pass them on.

Will my Cellular phone (cel phone or handy) work on Margarita Island?

In most cases your cell phone will not work on Margarita. If you are here for an extended stay you can have it activated
through one of the local carriers or just buy a local cel phone - they are not expensive.
All the major carriers have locations in the SAMBIL shopping center outside Pampatar.
They will add a local chip to your phone for around US$20 and you will then be able to have a local number and be able to use pre-paid cards to activate it.

What is the Venezuelan Exit Tax?

The airport exit tax from Isla Margarita through the INTERNATIONAL terminal (not local flights) is Bs.?.
It's a very low cost at the new SIMADI rate.
A minimal airport tax is also charged for national flights.

International exit tax at Caracas is included in your ticket.

For information on the exit tax if you are leaving from Caracas please see our special page of information on Caracas, Venezuela.

Want to move permanently, retire or work on Isla Margarita?

We have set up a page with the answers to many of your possible questions on living, retiring & working on or moving to Margarita Island

Anaconda Snake Photos from the Amazon!!!

Somebody e-mailed us these photos of a very large snake in the Amazon.
These photos are not for the weak of heart or timid.
Do not click on the link unless you have a strong stomach. Probably not for young children. 
If you want to continue click here - Anaconda giant snake photos.

Why stay with us?? Read why here!

Playa El Agua photos

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