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Ferry Schedules & Prices to Isla Margarita, Venezuela
or Margarita Island, Venezuela
from Puerto La Cruz. Cumaná, Isla Coche and Caracas
for Conferry and Gran Cacique Express


The ferries that travel from the mainland of Venezuela to Margarita Island have now been replaced with modern & fast ones.
In addition to one that is now in service 2 others will be added by Dec. 15, 2013

You can directly to their website however it is only in Spanish. www.conferry.com .
This information is provided for reference purposes only so don't blame us if it's incorrect.

You should always call ahead to confirm times and fares.

Please do not call or e-mail me with more questions about these schedules -
I have no more additional information.

I would point out that after dealing with thousands of tourists we would still recommend that
you take one of the 35 minute air shuttles to Isla Margarita from Caracas, Venezuela
- a lot less hassle, about the same price and much faster.

In addition to Conferry you can also use either Grand Cacique or Navibus.

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"Express" Ferry - Puerto La Cruz - Isla Margarita
as of Dec. 7, 2013
Two way - VIP - ticket: Bs.380,28
Children (2 - 7 yrs) - Bs.190,65
Seniors (+60) - Bs.182.15
Two way - 1st class - Bs.240,28
Children (2 - 7 yrs) Bs.120,65 & Seniors (+60) Bs.112,15

Caracas (La Guaira) - Margarita

There is now a service from the port of La Guaira to Isla Margarita
Please check with Conferry as to schedules & prices


Conventional Ferries (slow) from
Puerto La Cruz - Margarita

Two way - 1st class - ticket: Bs.144,28
Children (2 - 7 yrs) Bs.72.65
Seniors (+60) - Bs.64,15
Two way - Turista class - Bs.120,28
Children (2 - 7 yrs) Bs.60,65 & Seniors (+60) - Bs.52,15

Ferry - Isla Coche - Margarita Island

Monday to Sunday
Dec., 2013
Two way - adults - BsF. (not published)
Please check their website for last minute changes.

Phone Numbers:

Punta de Piedras (Margarita): (0295) 239-8340, 239-8148
Porlamar (Margarita) (0295) 261-6780, 263-1558

Caracas: (0212) 782-8544, 793-8105
La Guaira: (0212) 331-2053, 331-2156

Puerto La Cruz: (0281) 267-7847, 267-7129

Main direct number in Caracas 0212-709-0000

Teléfonos: 0501-CONFERRY (0501 26633779)

From outside Venezuela dial: xx58-212-709-0000    


Conventional ferry - Cumaná - Margarita - Cumaná
Bs.440,00 VIP two ways
Bs.300,00 Tourist two ways

Gran Cacique Express

Puerto La Cruz - Margarita - Puerto La Cruz
Bs.300,00 - Bs.440,00 round trip
Takes 1 hour 45 minutes

Phone Numbers:

Punta de Piedras (Margarita): (0295) 239-8339, 239-8072

Puerto La Cruz: (0281) 263-0935, 267-8501

Cumaná: (0293) 432.0011, 431-1861



Puerto La Cruz - Margarita - Puerto La Cruz
Bs.330,00 round trip


HOME Margarita Tropical Villa
Bed & Breakfast
Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing,

Horseback Riding, Golf

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