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Caracas is Venezuela' capital city and it's largest city with a population around 4.6 million.
It is also a city that you should not wander around in without an experienced guide as there are many areas to avoid from a safety point of view.

The Caracas airport at Maquetia "Simon Bolivar" is designated CCS for those of you using airline on-line booking sites.
The airport is located some 30 miles outside the main city and is very safe to pass through.
In all the years we have been receiving tourists not one has had a problem going through this airport or in staying at the nearby hotels.

We have put together information below to assist you in traveling to Venezuela and negotiating you way through the airport.

For information on flights to Margarita, Margarita exit taxes and other Frequently Asked Questions about Margarita Island please refer to .

Rules for the Caracas Airport.

The average daily wage in Venezuela is about Bs.1.200 (Salary + food bonus).
This should give you some sort of guideline for paying baggage porters that swarm to assist you at the airport.

If you are coming direct to Isla Margarita then you will have to go from the Caracas International Terminal
where you arrive from outside Venezuela to the National Terminal to catch flights within the country.
It is within walking distance. Simply exit the International terminal and turn left.
It's about a 10 minute walk. If you have a lot of luggage than get a porter but keep the first information in mind.
There is now a people mover moving sidewalk between the two airports.
When you complete your luggage and customs do NOT enter the main terminal.
Turn left and you'll see the entrance to the covered tunnel to the National Terminal.

Just inside the tunnel are kiosks for the various national airlines.
You can check in and get rid of your luggage.

If you are arriving on a Friday, a Venezuelan long weekend, Christmas, Easter, Carnival or during August it is absolutely essential to have a pre-booked ticket to Isla Margarita (Porlamar).

There is NO law currently that requires you to change all your US dollars at the airport.
A recent arrival reports that he was told that he was required to change everything and, after commissions and payoffs to the "helper", he received a very poor rate.
You might want to consider changing $50 or $100 or so to pay taxis, etc. however do not fall into the above trap. Please see our FAQ page for more exchange info .

If we have to stay overnight in Caracas, Venezuela where should we go?

Below is a list of 5 hotels near (10-15 minutes) the Caracas airport.
As we have not stayed in any of them we can not recommend one over the other.
The prices are for 2 persons however most have rooms for more.
The prices can also fluctuate due to exchange differences.
When you are at the International terminal go to the taxi counter and buy a ticket to the location you want to go to.
Do not be influenced by all the pirate taxis. The last price we heard to get to one of these hotels was under US$5.
Most of the hotels have a pick-up service or use a taxi that they have confidence in. Just ask them if you make a reservation.
If anyone can recommend any others or has a had a good or bad experience at one of the listed ones please e-mail us.
To see recent comments about these hotels please click here.

AND THE VENEZUELA COUNTRY CODE OF 58. example - from North America:  011-58-212-xxx-xxx.

HOTEL CATIMAR (see comments)
5 minutes from Caracas airport.
Airport transfers - ask
telf. 58-212 351-9097
fax. 58-212 352-4603

Hotel La Parada (see comments)
Av. Principal de la Atlántida,
Catia la Mar
Pick-up & Return from Airport - Included
Phone:58- 212-351-2148
FAX: 58-212-352-7486

Hotel IL Prezzano (see comments)
Av. Principal de Playa Grande,
Catia la Mar.
Phone: 58-212-351-2626
FAX: 58-212-351-3144
Airport transfer - ask

Hotel Olé Caribe (see comments)
NEW - 5 star - English spoken
Phone: 58-212-331-1133 (ext. 1010) Arelys Rivas

Best Western Puerto Viejo
Av. Principal de Puerto Viejo,
Catia la Mar.
Five star (?) (see comments)
Phone: 58-212-352-4044
FAX: 58-212-352-1311

Hotel Tanausu (see comments) NOT RECOMMENDED!
Final Av. de La Atlántida,
Catia La Mar
Phone / FAX : 58- 212-312-6518

What is the Venezuelan Exit Tax?

As of Jan. 2012 all foreign carriers are required to include the exit tax in the price of their tickets

There is NO entry tax into Venezuela.
A recent scam at the Caracas airport tried to get $30 per person from new arrived foreigners INTO Venezuela. If approached just say no!!

For information on the exit tax from Margarita Island please see our FAQ page .


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